Transform your school into a science laboratory for 1-2 days or more. We offer a scientific fair program, activities for each grade, experimentation materials, color guides aligned with Learning Objectives, expert professionals, and a fun science show.

We also provide a PDF poster to promote the event and access to exclusive content for teachers.

Ideal for directors and educational managers who want to enhance their students' experience.

Colegios STEAM

Colegio Mariano
Colegio Highlands
Colegio La Abadia
Colegio Royal American
Colegio Santa Filomena
Colegio Marcelino Champagnat
Colegio San Juan
Colegio Ana Maria Janer
Colegio Nancagua School
Colegio Padre Alberto Hurtado
Colegio Sor Teresa Lo Prado
Escuela Nider Orrego
Lincoln Internation Academy
Colegio Crisol
Colegio Highlands
Escuela Rayito de Luz
apoyo escolar

Support for STEAM Implementation in Your School

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